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black magic

We all are aware of the century we are living in it is the 21st century but we are living in the time of duality. Duality means same like the coin have two sides similarly one side is for god and the one hand is for evil. They perform the humans who have evil mind black magic they make the morose use of energies and powers. People who are dedicated towards one aim they usually choose to perform black magic or go to the black magician. It is done to harm those people who are happy in their life or doing well to make them sick, make them unhappy and lastly kill them and use their soul for their purpose.

It is also truly said that everyone has two sides which are of divine and evil. But everyone has a different ratio of divine and evil in them similarly it can also be seen that some people have turned themselves in 99.9% of evil which overtakes the remaining divinity and is covered by the darkness. In India, there is two kind of magic which is performed in India and that is white magic and black magic. Both magic and mainly the black magic is done by the expert hands which are evil. Both magic which is white magic and black magic is stronger because our team can play it well they have the practice of it for a long time. Our teammates are much more dangerous for black magic because they are expert in it.

By performing black magic, our team can leave the influence of it or can change the life of a person. In India mainly black magic is called by the name ‘kala jadoo’. If one is jealous of someone else or if a person has some selfishness these are the most two common reasons behind performing black magic. Because an individual who is choosing the path of applying black magic on someone is pretty well aware of the fact that by practising black magic on someone is the better way to make self-life much more better and black magic can destroy the life of the person on whom it is being performed. Black magic is also used for solving various problems like love life issues, finance issues, marital issues, health and health problems and much more.

It can be employed for the self-satisfaction of getting the exact life you wished for or else it can also be used for harming a person very badly or should we say destroying one’s life. Black magic is just a word it depends on the mind of person one is making use of it in a bad way or in a right way it leaves an enormous impact on a persons life. But a black magic is employed by the evil-minded people for selfishness or for destroying someone’s life and using the person soul for self-use or satisfying self-needs. Black magic cannot be performed by everyone only an expert can perform it correctly.

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